What we offer

1. We leave no dust residue for the entire duration of our work ,we don’t stain nearby walls or doors etc.
2.We sand and polish, using a combination of very fine diamonds and water, thus preventing any burns on the marble due to the high temperatures, and ensuring a perfectly polished result.
3.We provide sanding and polishing using diamond equipment, ensuring an even result, even on the very edges and corners of the requested surface.
4. We always complete the delegated work ourselves, (1-2 craftsmen), until completion and never delegate the service to other companies. 
5. We guarantee cleanliness and punctuality
6. We have expertise in the specific field, (we don’t paint, build or clean etc. ) 
7. You won’t have to have the work redone, after we are finished.
8. We work on the actual marble surface, and don’t rely on polishing chemicals. 
9. We have developed specified polishing techniques for every specific type of marble, to ensure a perfect result. 
10. We can work around your specific needs and schedule, in unison with other stages of your renovation, and leave no dust behind.

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