Marble Renovation on Boats and Yachts

High quality of work available for boats, baths, bars, floors, counters, tables


marmarostyle parathyro3We specialize in marine marble polishing, renovating, restoring, maintaining, and completely repairing all natural stones on yachts, and we are always on call. We repair all inconsistencies and can add a natural shine (no use of chemical polishes, waxes, etc.) in your marble surfaces without leaving any dust residue. Our services in marble, granite and natural stone are all aimed at repairing all damage and leaving the customer completely satisfied.

Marble surfaces often become worn with use, and actually lose their brilliance, making them look dull. MarmaroStyle can help you, offering a range of unique marble-specialized services and a range of services on all natural stones, on recreational crafts.

Come to MarmaroStyle, if you need solutions that will bring back the lost shine, repair any cracks, remove stains, remove scratches and protect. We guarantee a perfect result, thanks to our proven experience, understanding and dedication to our work.

We always use high quality equipment and products, including resinous diamonds pads and special machinery (patents). One of our other strong suits is our guaranteed discretion.We work with extreme precision and ensure the respect of our clients’ privacy. These traits are what make us stand out in our field. Call us today!




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