Marble and mosaic holes repair and polishing

Have your marbles gone dull?

Do they have inconsistencies?
Do you have problems with humidity?
Are your marbles stained?

W e   h a v e   t h e   s o l u t i o n!
Marble and Mosaic polishing since 1970
Give your marbles a new polished and revitalized look, all thanks to our specialized techniques

Without dust availableeven for inhabited homes !


Here in ΜarmaroStyle, we guarantee a detailed and completed result, thanks to our specialized techniques and materials.
In general, we characterize the materials making up the solid crust of the Earth, i.e. the upper layer of the lithosphere, as rocks.
In the language of commerce, we use the term marble to describe any crystalline rock with a mineralogical composition in which minerals with a hardness rating of 3 to 4 on the durometer scale Mohs (calcite, dolomite, etc.) prevail. These materials are also ideal for cutting, grinding and polishing, to be then used as a decorative or structural material. In the category of marbles, we can include various rocks of various colors, extracted in blocks and able to be cut into panels, ground and polished, as well as limestone, alabaster, onyx, stones used as building materials, whether carved or not, slate and limestone slabs and similar rocks used for structural and decorative purposes.
Some stones emerge in blocks, like granite or limestone. Others can be comprised of softer or unbonded materials such as sand, clay etc. that eventually wear off with the passage of time, leaving holes in their place.

This is where ΜarmaroStyle comes in.

We specialize in marble and mosaic repair and polishing, especially in floors that are riddled with cracks, breaks and holes etc.
We guarantee the completion of our work, in a detailed and precise manner, using specialized techniques and materials to offer you an excellent result.
Before rushing to replace your worn out floor that might have holes, cracks,breaks, stains and scratches, call us and we will resolve your issue, using our expert techniques and materials.
The main reason to choose the repair of your marble, over its replacement, is cost. A second one, is the amount of disruption that would entail, not to mention the dust, noise and debris.
A repair, will save you both money and time, get a new set of marble and avoid the cost and disruption of a replacement, with out dust even within your furnished home.
The processing is performed with the use of resinous diamonds pads which do not scratch or burn the surface, even when processing the “finest” numbers of friction. The processing is completed with the use of water, offering an even and perfected, long-lasting result. The restoration is achieved through the following processes:
Leveling & Lippage Removal – This process will bring down the height of an entire surface and eliminate the presence of un-level tiles that are higher and lower than their neighboring tiles. This can be performed either after a new installation – or any time thereafter.

Cleaning and priming holes, joints, cracks, etc.
Stucco of marbles using special materials.
Marble grinding and honing
Marble polishing (The end result can look either matte or semi-gloss)
Marble waterproofing

Our work can be applied to natural or artificial stone surfaces, such as marble, mosaic, artificial marble, stone, granite, cement etc, on floors, coatings, stairs, indoors and outdoors.
Our resinous diamond technology guarantees a dust-free result in your furnished home!



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