Marble repair and insulation on porches and terraces

Have your marbles gone dull?

Do they have inconsistencies?
Do you have problems with humidity?
Are your marbles stained?

W e   h a v e   t h e   s o l u t i o n!
Marble and Mosaic polishing since 1970
Give your marbles a new polished and revitalized look, all thanks to our specialized techniques

Without dust availableeven for inhabited homes !


Here in ΜarmaroStyle, we guarantee a detailed and completed result, thanks to our specialized techniques and materials.

Marble usually has a significant rate of heat expansion. It is a technically better option to use joints, to provide for longer and better construction. The joints between the marble plates have to have a minimum width of 2 mm., especially in the case of exterior floors where the temperature variations are greater, to allow for the expansion of the plates without risking their detachment from the substrate. The stability of the layering generally depends on the good filling-sealing of the marble joints.

The most common causes for marble detachment are as follows:
No joint installation. This can lead to detachment due to the changes in temperature (contraction-expansion).
Detachment due to humidity seeping through cracks in the stucco.

This is how ΜarmaroStyle can help you.
Our technique can provide a solution to all those problems and fix your marble without the need of replacement.
Marble and mosaic repair and insulation, repair of broken or leaking joints, on porches and terraces, with no need for replacement, using our very own combination of skill and materials to save you both time and money.
1. Highly resistant to temperature changes (cold - very hot)
2. Saving up to 60% in time & money.
3. No debris.

The restoration is achieved through the following processes:

Leveling & Lippage Removal – This process will bring down the height of an entire surface and eliminate the presence of un-level tiles that are higher and lower than their neighboring tiles. This can be performed either after a new installation – or any time thereafter.
Cleaning and priming holes, joints, cracks, etc.
Stucco of marbles using special materials.
Marble grinding and honing
Marble polishing (The end result can look either matte or semi-gloss)
Marble waterproofing


Our work can be applied to natural or artificial stone surfaces, such as marble, mosaic, artificial marble, stone, granite, cement etc, on floors, coatings, stairs, indoors and outdoors.
Our resinous diamond technology guarantees a dust-free result in your furnished home!



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