Removing soked stains from Marbles

Have your marbles gone dull?

Do they have inconsistencies?
Do you have problems with humidity?
Are your marbles stained?

W e   h a v e   t h e   s o l u t i o n!
Marble and Mosaic polishing since 1970
Give your marbles a new polished and revitalized look, all thanks to our specialized techniques

Without dust availableeven for inhabited homes !


Here in ΜarmaroStyle, we guarantee a detailed and completed result, thanks to our specialized techniques and materials.

We can remove stains such as wine, ink, coffee, tea, rust etc from marbles very successfully. To remove the stains we use special chemical materials combined with the appropriate absorbent materials. It is a time-consuming and complicated procedure, particularly when the stains are old. The final result depends on many factors such as, the type of the stain, the type of the rock, the surface of the material (polished, matte, antique, sandblasted etc.)


Our work can be applied to natural or artificial stone surfaces, such as marble, mosaic, artificial marble, stone, granite,etc, on floors, coatings, stairs, indoors and outdoors.

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