Our company can take over projects such as :

  • Grinding of marble, stucco & polishing of marble- mosaic- granite, on floors and coatings, indoors and outdoors, using the brand new resinous diamond pads, dust-free technology.

  • Floor repairs of holes, cracks and breaks etc

  • Crystallization (where necessary)

  • Waterproofing of marble, mosaic & granite.

  • Sanding of marble, stucco and polishing on staircases (indoor and outdoor), stairwells, with an automated water- absorbing technology, and no dust residue. 

  • Marble and Mosaic repair and insulation ( broken down joints, problems with humidity) on porches and terraces, without having to replace them, using our very own technique and materials, saving you both time & money.

  • Replacement of faulty joints or even joint recreation.

  • Marble sink repair- inside modulation- flow correction, sanding, stucco, polishing, waterproofing of marbles – dust residue free.

  • Installation of anti-slip safety mat (thixotropic epoxy high strength adhesive, long lasting) on marble stairs etc.

  • Cleaning and waterproofing of plates from Pilion and Carystos etc.


Our services are perfect for :

  • Inhabited, furnished, spaces
  • Work Spaces
  • Churches
  • Ships
  • Hotels  


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