Mosaics renovation

Marble repair and polishing, without dust  even in inhabited and furnished homes
Have your marbles gone dull?marmarostyle parathyro2
Do they have inconsistencies?
Do you have problems with humidity?
Are your marbles stained?
W e   h a v e   t h e   s o l u t i o n!
Marble and Mosaic polishing since 1970
Give your marbles a new polished and revitalized look, all thanks to our specialized techniques
Without dust availableeven for inhabited homes !

Here in ΜarmaroStyle, we guarantee a detailed and completed result, thanks to our specialized techniques and materials.

Mosaic renovation entails:
Repair of holes, cracks and any other inconsistency.
Repair & polishing of mosaics on staircases
Repair & insulation of mosaics on porches and terraces
Repair & polishing of mosaics on sinks and counters
Mosaic waterproofing
Professional cleaning of mosaics of all kinds, such as antiquated and sandblasted
High grade mosaic processing & polishing, without dust that can even be achieved in inhabited, furnished homes, thanks to our specialized techniques.

The processing is performed with the use of resinous diamonds pads, which do not scratch or burn the surface, even when processing the “finest” numbers of friction. The processing is completed with the use of water, offering an even and perfected, long- lasting result
The restoration is achieved through the following processes:

Rasping the mosaic, a filing process which eliminates the difference in height between different plates, if present.
Cleaning and priming holes, joints, cracks, etc.
Stucco of mosaics using using special materials.
Mosaic grinding and honing
Mosaic polishing (The end result can look either matte or semi-gloss)
Mosaic waterproofing.



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