In which stage of innovation should i call you?

Anytime you wish since our work is dustless

Why did the marbles in my balcony come off?

The most possible reasons that your marbles came off are:

  • • The fact that they where placed without the necessary joints.
    • A little spot that was left groutless and water penetrated.

In all these cases we can restore your marbles with our own special technique without needimg to replace or remove them

After grating and polishing the marble floors i wonder if all the stains will have cleared

The answer is no. That's because of the absorbance of marble. All the stains that have penetrated through the surface can not be removed. It needs our special technique

What is crystalization?

Crystalization is a process that is done in marble - terrazzo floors. Crystalization makes your floor more endurable in daily use and gives best shiness spaces.

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