Mosaic (terrazzo) floors – staircase construction


The mosaic constitutes a new renewed tendency in Greece and abroad with original ideas and applications in all kinds of surface. It is a total of mosaic tile mixed in a conjunctive pastry of marble dust, cement, color and water. When the Stones are placed based of a draw then we have the creation of mosaics and when each are mixed erratically in the mixture then we have the cast mosaics (terrazzo)

The mosaic has the advantage of a floor area without joints, with the biggest resistible in per year. It characteristically constitutes an absolutely compatible material with the concrete skeleton of a building, having the same behavior in changes of temperature.

Wide variety of colors, forms, so that each constitute the ideal solution for each use and taste. It may take any form and shape with applications in steps, floors, sinks, benches, giving creations of high aesthetics. In-depth time each have longest durability that makes them a beloved material also in busy spaces as airports, railway stations etc.

Construct, repair and polish your marbles designating your space. The fashion of alternative products passes and the diachronic value of mosaics are recognized once again. The beauty of multicolor of it is stones are achieved with a line of work for it is complete repair.

 1. Marble construction

2. Molding-Grinding

3. Grouting - Polishing

4. Floor shine and waterproofing. CLICK HERE



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