More specific work

Marble repair – marble and mosaic insulation, restoration of joints (damaged joints – problems with humidity) in porches & terraces , so you won’t have to replace them on your own, using our very own technique and materials, saving you both time & money.
1. resistant to temperature changes (cold - very hot)
2. 50% saving of money & time
3. no debris


Repair of marble-mosaic and polishing of marble-mosaic on damaged floors that  have holes, breaks, cracks etc.

Cleaning of antiquated,sandblasted etc marbles and waterproofing (outdoor marbles, marbles near pools etc.)

Installation of anti-slip safety mat:

1.High endurance anti-slip, made of strong minerals connected with a thixotropic epoxy adhesive. Can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces e.g. stairs, stairwells etc. , since it is resistant to damage from the sun and the cold. It doesn’t wear off with use or by stepping on it. It can be installed on one or more stripes, and is available in a variety of colors, white, shades of grey, beige, yellow, brick red and black. 

2.Elastic stair profiles, can be used on indoor and outdoor stairs, to prevent slipping accidents. They are made from EPDM anti-slip elastic, proving high resistance to weather, chemicals and cleaning products. 



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