Marble polishing

The problem in manufacturing marbles is that every type has different properties in its processing and maintenance. Only the specialists know the appropriate way to attend to it. And this is the reason why you should contact us in MarmaroStyle for the renovation, protection and maintenance. We are willing to help you with your marbles and your mosaics. We will create special maintenance programs for you that will contribute to the preservation of the state of your marbles and will cover all your needs.

 Cleaning Marbles by scrubbing

In case you didn’t have an appropriate maintenance program before, then you will need the proper restoration and only MarmaroStyle knows how to do it. By cleaning marbles by scrubbing we remove from its surface dirt, lines, polish etc, and all the height differences between the marbles have been smoothed down. The next stage is grinding and polishing the marbles, another important part of the whole procedure. It will provide your marbles with the perfect finishing. By using these different techniques you can have any result you wish.

 Grinding and Polishing

This way, you can match the interior with your décor, so that nothing will seem “off” in your space.

We can create for you any finishing you wish, matte - semi-polished – polished.

Polished finishing emphasizes on the marble, it is reflective and it helps to create a very luminous and open atmosphere. Another very popular effect is matte or pearl (semi-polished). It has none or very little glimmering and it preserves a very earthly atmosphere. In fact, it is more appropriate for modern houses. Regardless the effect you wish to have, grinding and polishing marbles increases the life of the marble.       


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